Monday, July 11, 2011

I haven't had the internet in a few days and the electricity has been out off and on for the last week, I will blog soon but in the meantime I wanted to add a few pictures of our last two weeks. 
Fisherman on Goree Island, off of Dakar
Leybato Beach, where we stayed the first three days in The Gambia
Alex at the beach
Enjoying our cokes (in glass bottles)
Gei and her baby sister, some of the neighbor girls
Bintou, Mustapha, two of our lovely hosts, with Alex
A monkey at Abuko Wildlife Reserve
Alex and I at Abuko
The streets of Gambia

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  1. Great pics! Hope all is well in Africa! You posted this on Em's b-day. We were in SD for 3 wks enjoying Nana time :) We loved hanging with you at the zoo1 It looks like you two are on some cool adventures...and those sweet little girls, Gei and her baby sister...wanna bring them home to us :) Have fun!