Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It has been 520 days since I stood on African ground and about that long since I last used this blog, but I figured I better revive it so I can share my stories with the few who actually look.  This exact time next week, I will walk out the doors of my cozy little apartment to begin my journey 6,859.1 miles back to my beloved Kigali.  Over the last year and a half not a day has past where my mind hasn't wandered to those hills and my smiling boys.

Everything is pretty much in order by now, expect for a few things like my housing in Kigali, and the fact that I haven't yet received my passport back from the Zambian Embassy, but those are just minor details.  What matter is that I have a plane ticket with my name on it and the final destination is KGL--Kigali, Rwanda! My plan is to enjoy the company of the sweet boys of Les Enfants de Dieu, catch up with old friends, pay a few visits to the mystical Lake Kivu, travel to Uganda for a few days, and soak up enough of Rwanda's wonderfulness to tide me over for the next few months.  Then mid-July, I continue on to Zambia, with my university to study.  It'll be a new stamp in the passport and I am anxious to see if it captures me the way Rwanda does, though it will take some getting used to traveling with 19 other students.

Please join me in my journey back to my second home!

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