Saturday, December 10, 2011

Missing Rwanda

I cannot believe almost a whole week has gone by since I was with my boys in Rwanda.  It really is crazy how time flies.  I miss Rwanda more than I thought I would. I really did find a home there.  Morocco is more like Europe than anything, but I still find the pieces of the Africa I love here, I cling to them---the moms with babies on their backs and the piles of clothes in the market with dozens of women shuffling through them.

I wanted to share my co-worker, Elena's blog so that you can still follow life in Rwanda if you so choose, she will be there until April. I am SO jealous! 

1 comment:

  1. Rwanda is not the same without you, Claire! The boys ask about you all the time. Especially Spiderman. You know that song that people sing here? "Although you shall go far away, we shall never forget you." Trust me. It's true. The boys and everyone else will never forget you.

    I'm making crepes for dinner tonight. Wish you were here!